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Drive Safely This Winter With These Tips

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Drive Safely This Winter With These Tips

Slow Down

Seriously, slow down. We know this is basic advice, but you’d be surprised at how many people either don’t know it or don’t follow it. (Or maybe you’ve seen some of the same drivers around Billings and aren’t surprised at all.)

The faster you’re driving, the longer it will take your vehicle to slow down when you hit the brakes. When you’re on snow, ice, or wet roads, your slowing time is even longer because your car is going to slide. You never know when the driver in front of you will hit their brakes, a pedestrian might cross the street without looking, or there might even be an accident in front of you. Avoid being part of an accident by driving with an abundance of caution.


Get the Right Tires

Go check the tread on your tires (we’ll wait here). Are your tires getting old and the tread is worn? If so, you won’t have good traction on slick roads. Make sure you replace your tires when your manufacturer recommends, and more often if you drive more than usual. Get good snow tires or all-terrain tires to keep you on the roads and out of the ditch this winter.


Be Prepared

If something does happen while you’re driving, you need to be ready. Here in Montana, it’s entirely possible to be stranded somewhere without cell phone service. Or you could get in a wreck in town. Make sure you’ve got your insurance card in your vehicle. You also need blankets, a flashlight, and more. Read up on some other essentials to keep in your glovebox this winter.


Make sure your vehicle is ready for winter driving. Staley’s provides great tires and service for drivers in Billings and this region of Montana. Come see us today for your car or truck. Or give us a call at (406) 259-8335 to schedule an appointment or to ask about any other maintenance work your car needs.



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